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Pesa Sokoni - mama mboga in the market selling her wares

What is SituSoko?

Situsoko is a micro credit finance product that targets the very small scale traders but what we view to be the most important retail market players. This product targets the bottom of the pyramid market place players and who largely comprise the grocery market sellers popularly referred to as Mama Mboga. This product is fashioned with the deep recognition and appreciation of the importance of this sector in placing food on the tables of many Kenyans. Most unfortunately, this critical and essential cog in the food supply chain has been left out in accessing credit from the mainstream financial markets to sustain and expand their businesses for they are conceived to be informal and unstructured. Situsoko seeks to plug in and offer the much needed financial support under such circumstances.

Why Situsoko?

Our financial support is in the form of short term revolving micro credit loans which are payable within a period of one (1) month. Flexibility has been allowed to provide for varied trader needs. Some would like to make daily instalments or even make full repayments within a day.Our main target are the small traders with permanent operation spots especially since the facilities are not collateralized. Our approach is therefore to establish and grow a personalized relationship with our customers through which we understand their needs. While employing a Fintech system to facilitate a seamless credit process, we have got relationship managers in every market who continuously engage with our customers .We are presently operating in the Kawangware market.