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About Situ Credit

Situ Credit is a non-deposit-taking lending company registered under the Company’s Act. It was founded in 2015.

Situ has since grown to become a trusted name in short-term and long-term lending with a key focus on financing SMEs. Situ’s main objective was to broaden credit access by simplifying the processes and collateral requirements for loan applicants.

Through a customized credit scoring mechanism, applicants are only required to have their car logbook as collateral and some proof of ability to re-pay. Situ does not punish applicants by over scrutinizing their financial history through CRB and other equivalent tools. Neither does it, unlike many other mainstream lenders, require a very complex guarantor network to provide loans. Instead, the borrowers simply provide simple logbook collateral and they are given up to 80% of the value of the logbook within a record 24 hours.

By ensuring that the loans are issued within the same day turnaround period, Situ enables ease in handling financial emergencies and helps SME owners to navigate the stormy waters of modern commerce 

that need quick action to take advantage of quick emerging profit opportunities.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Situ currently operates a largely branchless outfit that harnesses technology to provide financial solutions for the whole country. Besides logbook loans, Situ provides other classes of loans including car financing, invoice discounting, LPO financing, and Insurance Premium Financing.